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About HSUN

From Seeing the Light to Guiding the Light

In 2003, a handful of visionaries founded factory in Chinese “RiWang” means better and better to usher in the LED era under the strong support of local government. After 8 years LED became ubiquitous car lighting and highly-anticipated home lighting. And with accumulated expertise and expansive capacity, today our factory sits firmly as the premier car LED lighting supplier in China. From 2003 to 2009 our products 100% has been sold to the Chinese foreign trading companies, then those foreign trading companies export our products to all of the world with their personal brand. To meet the needs of market and our factory, we adjust our strategy. In early 2010, our factory built first our brand HSUN and English website to sell our products to the foreign clients directly with the most competitive price and super quality. Now we sell directly to more than 40 countries. And HSUN become a popular brand in many countries especially in Germany, France, The Unite Kingdom and The United States …
The singular vision that has powered HSUN from the beginning also contains insights into client-supplier relationship. HSUN has always believed that, in the tightly-interwoven LED industry, working closely with clients is critical to producing the highest quality end- products. That is why HSUN has developed a unique “Co-Activation Service Model,” working alongside clients as their partner, co-designing led lamp model, while perfecting quality control. Through such close-knit partnerships, HSUN is able to truthfully gauge the diverse needs of our agents and clients, and in essence, satisfy every HSUN partner’s client.
Today the LED era is fast approaching full-bloom, and HSUN is more equipped than ever to take on increasingly challenging feats, to help illuminate the world in a better light.


HSUN History

1995, Founders of factory “RiWang” worked as engineers in the biggest of  halogen bulbs factory in China.
2003, factory ”RiWang”(now brand HSUN) was founded to usher in the LED are under the strong support of local government, same year, our factory get Distinction Award in technology development  of auto led light.
2004.1W High Power auto LED lamp launch, we made great progress on the auto led lighting; the 100th foreign trading company cooperated with us.
2005, HSUN became the largest auto led lights supplier in China. More 60% foreign trading companies make business with us.
2006, as requirement of the foreign trading companies, the founders of HSUN opened a ballast factory.
2007, Canbus LED product launch, HSUN was the first factory to produce canbus led auto lamp. At the end of 2007, R&D LED Daytime Running Light.
2008, Daytime Running Lights launch.
2009, Daytime Running Lights became popular, and sell to the foreign client directly.
2010, Build first our brand HSUN and foreign trade department to sell foreign clients directly. Until the end of 2010, cooperate with more than 40 countries clients.
2011, Merger with Epstar Optoelectronic (HK).
2011, website “” update for all auto lamp lighting clients, completing HSUN agent systems in the world.



 HSUN Mission

Do the right thing.

Do the things right and satisfy our customers.

With care and wisdom,committed to improvement and Innovation.

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